Yeah, but what about the eye exam?

If you want to buy glasses online, you’ve got to have a prescription. Where can you get this? Check the local papers. For folks in the east, I found that Cohen’s has a coupon for a $20 eye exam. Don’t buy their overpriced glasses, of course.

When I used to live near downtown Cincinnati, I found that working class neighborhoods where most folks didn’t have insurance often offered eye exams for $15-$30.

The most expensive place to have your peepers checked out would be a suburban eye clinic. These places expect insurance and charge out the nose. I went to such a place and was charged $110 for the eye exam needed for my Peace Corps application.

4 thoughts on “Yeah, but what about the eye exam?”

  1. I don’t mind spening more on an exam if it’s a good exam. A coworker of my wife’s recommended an optometry practice to us so we decided to give them a try. The optometrist barely took 5 minutes with me and only had me read a couple of lines of text off the wall! That’s shortest eye exam I’ve ever had. On top of that, he underprescribed one contact lens and failed to catch the astigmatism in my left eye.

    I went to Wal Mart, where I’d gone before and got a second opinion and that prescription is fine. To add insult to injury, the Walmart exam, without insurance, was less than what this guy charged with insurance.

    You just never know I guess.

    John Drake

  2. In my area, WalMart charges $55 for an eye exam. A contact lens fitting is $30 extra, and dialation is an additional $15. Quality is hit and miss depending on the optometrist. Some take their time, some just try to get the patient out fast so they can get another one in.

    Wal Mart is now offering $38 eyeglasses, but not sure what the deal is there.

    John Drake

  3. This is good advice. Sorry about the mention of LensCrafters (yeah, I’m a hater). Oh, and the microfiber cloth in itself seems to be enough–I haven’t seen a need for using other cleaners.

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