Where it all began….

(scroll down for a video of my new glasses!) My glasses were old. The nose pads were torn, the lenses scratched, and the frame kept me wondering whether the next time I pushed up my glasses would be my last. Glasses wearers, you know that feeling when you adjust your glasses and they break in your hand? That sinking feeling in your stomach…the feeling of being out $250-$500 and not being able to use your most precious resource–your vision–without some unsightly mend that may or may not involve masking tape and a twist tie.

Well, not too long ago, I went to straighten my glasses and -snap!- the right bow broke right off in my hand. I didn’t have $300 to spend on a new pair of glasses. I searched the internet and found some websites offering glasses at shockingly low prices. From $20 a pair, and that’s with an $8.50 surcharge for having a strong prescription! I was skeptical. EXTREMELY skeptical. Nevertheless, I had little choice and so I decided to try it. I found a pair that looked similar to the ones that broke. The site said they were titanium and high quality. I added all the scratch and UV coatings and thin lens and the total was about $50. $50! I was so excited I ordered a pair of sunglasses. My whole life I had wanted prescription sunglasses but could never justify the cost. So I bought the barebones pair with no extras at all–for $22.

Yes, I had spent a total of $72 for two brand new pairs of glasses. I was happy but apprehensive–I expected the quality to be low and the fit to be bad. I waited a week for them to arrive–a long week with tape around my broken glasses–and I opened the box and was greeted by two nice looking cases with my new glasses. I can’t express how impressed I was and am with the quality and even the fit. I decided to go ahead and post videos of what arrived, so that you can judge for yourself.

Maybe I’ve convinced you, or maybe you still need the hands-on approach that you can get in the store. I’d say, give online a try. You’ll save hundreds of dollars. More posts will be forthcoming with additional information on how to choose the best pair or pairs of glasses for your needs.

2 thoughts on “Where it all began….”

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