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I am thrilled to have had an article of mine posted over at Free Money Finance, one of the great personal finance weblogs. As a PF and budgeting junkie myself, purchasing prescription eyewear over the internet was a natural fit for my lifestyle. The quality to price ratio is incredible compared to what I was used to paying at a traditional optometrist, or even somewhere like Wal-Mart or Target.

So where do you go from here? The following posts will get you started:
From Square One: How to Buy your Next Pair of Glasses Online
This is Why Glasses at Brick and Mortar Stores are so Expensive
Use your Health Savings Account to buy Glasses Online
Dig those Retro Eyeglasses (Shuron Frames)
An eHow HowTo: How to Buy Eyewear Online
Eyewear Trends: Aviator Sunglasses
Give Better Glasses: Mission for Vision (maybe use some of that money you saved to help out an organization like this!)

Another moderately interesting post might be my first ever, which includes a video showing exactly what I received from a popular online eyewear retailer.

Enjoy all the money you’ll save! I’ve been trying to build my emergency funds, and cutting costs really helps in that effort!

Email me or leave a comment with any questions or comments!

2 thoughts on “Welcome FMF Readers!”

  1. My experience has been that no B&M retailer can compete with the online options in terms of price. OTOH, $58 for a complete pair of glasses at a B&M store is a good price…that same amount would get a titanium frame plus an anti-scratch coating at most online retailers. I paid $22 for a basic pair of aviator prescription sunglasses and $60 for my everyday pair (titanium + antiscratch + UV + anti glare coating).

    It is nice to have choices. When glasses cost less than $60/pair (often much less), I can afford to have aviators in the car, titaniums for work, and plastic for when I’m feeling funky fresh.

  2. It would be interesting to know if online opticians are any cheaper than COSTCO. I just bought a pair at COSTCO and the charge for the lenses was $28 (no tints or other coatings).
    They have a good choice of frames starting at $30. Best of all, they have a machine that measures the pupillary and othe distances unique to the customer. They were ready in less than a week and are perfect.

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