Warby Parker’s Round Windsor Collection (featuring clip-on sunglasses option)

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Warby Parker’s new Windsor Collection features classic, classy round eyeglass and sunglass frames.  The three new styles play off of Warby Parker’s round Windsor rim.  Warby tells me that the frames are made from a single sheet (no seams) of acetate at a small Italian factory, where the 100-year-old technique has been perfected.

One of the toughest parts of wearing glasses is how unless you have transition lenses, you squint a lot. Clip-ons are out there but they never fit the frame just right.

Warby Parker is changing this. Enter sunwear clip-ons with the Durand and Chamberlain frames. Both styles come with leather-wrapped stainless steel clip-ons and polarized lenses (plus a leather carrying case).

Picture of warby parker frame with clipon option
Finally, online eyewear including clipon sunglasses

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