Using Technology to Try on Glasses

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Mobile Fitting technology lets people virtually try on glasses Those crazy Japanese — they just gotta make us envious with their technology uses. Now, their Megane Top (”Top Glasses”) superstore has started a new service to allow its customers to virtually try on glasses using their mobile phones.

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I think this sort of technology is really going to take off. Many online eyeglass retailers, such as EyeBuyDirect offer an “online fitting” service. Basically, you upload an image and then you can plop some frames over your eyes to get an idea of what they would look like in person. While a nice service, I think the technology could use some improvement. What if it automatically determined your face shape and recommended the best frames for an oval, heart-shaped, or rectangular face? Here is how it works. Go to the site above, scroll down a bit and on the left side there is an ad saying, “Discover our Virtual Try On.” Click on that. Once that page loads, you have to upload an image of yourself. You need a picture of yourself without your glasses on, so you might have to take a new one. I photoshopped my glasses out of an old picture. Next click on step 2. This is where the fun begins. I recommend finding your PD (Pupillary Distance — i.e., the distance between pupils, measured in millimeters). If you enter this number and click “show rulers,” then you can get an accurate representation of the ratio of frame size to your face size–what you have to do is put the two red lines that show up when you click “show rulers” and center your pupils over them. Next, you can rotate the image if you need to. I tried on the frame named “Sport” today. It is a basic $20 metal frame. I ordered a pair with an 80% grey tint to use as sunglasses. Click on the thumbnail for a full size image of me using the tool.

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  1. The first in a series of reviews I’ll be doing is for the online retailer EyeBuyDirect’s website is very easy to navigate and nice to use. They offer a “virtual try-on” (I talk about and try that service in this earlier posting) serv

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