True Capitalism

Is the internet creating a level playing field?

Over at My money blog, a poster speaks of the joys of buying glasses online. Several comments reflect the feeling of, “wow, what a great idea!” The story, as told on the blog, is that a Lenscrafters employee buys the very equipment they use at the store and starts making $28 glasses from home. It seems to me that the internet is leveling the free-market playing field in ways that weren’t even imaginable 15 years ago. Might it be that the internet is bringing back true capitalism, starting with eyeglasses?

One thought on “True Capitalism”

  1. $200 later and not even any new frames to show for it, this blogger was fed up with traditional eyewear stores. Thanks to the internet and some online info, capitalism wins out and the guy gets a great pair of glasses for $25. Check out his post. It’

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