Trend-setting: Save money by buying your designer eyewear online

Designer eyewear is pricey. Though a pair of nice frames with lenses can cost well under $60 on sites like or Goggles4u Eyeglasses, a pair of designer frames with lenses bought online will cost you three or four times this. In stores, designer frames with lenses tend to cost about twice what they cost online. Generally, someone shopping for designer frames isn’t what might be called a bargain shopper. Despite this, why pay double for literally the exact same pair of glasses?

Choosing designer over regular eyewear gives you cutting-edge eyewear fashion. Or, if you bought designer frames in the past, you can probably find the exact same frame online for a portion of what you paid for the glasses you are wearing now. This is a good opportunity if your glasses have broken and you are looking for an identical replacement.

Here we have the Ray-Ban RX 5095 at An undeniably slick frame, this will cost $131 with basic lenses or $198 with polycarbonate lenses. $200 seems a lot for a pair of glasses, but this same frame runs well over $400 at any retail optometrist. It is available in three colors and in two frame sizes. The frame sizes are almost identical, though it can be configured with an extra two millimeters of width per lens. If you’re confused about sizing your frame, check out this link.

Next up is a woman’s frame, the Burberry BE 1003. A perfectly fashionable and lovely frame, fully configured it costs $174 with basic lenses or $242 with premium polycarbonate lenses. You can find it in two colors and two frame sizes. If you have a smaller face, go with the 52 – 17 – 31 – 135 sized frame, if you have a slightly larger face, go with the other. This frame is designed to have a large field of vision and is fairly large.

Happy surfing! If you find designer eyewear just isn’t for you, or if you just can’t afford it right now, check out or Goggles4u to find great frames including lenses for well under $60, often for less than $30!

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  1. I can’t believe it, but this website just turned one! Over the course of a year, we’ve gone from an unknown to one of the top websites on the topic of buying eyewear online. I remember the day when my glasses arrived…the first pair I ever bought online

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