Titanium aviators

The best material for eyewear is something light and durable. In a word, titanium. It’s perfect. But also a bit expensive, hence its lack of complete ubiquity.

Titanium is most commonly found in those professional and businessy-looking semi-rimless, small-framed glasses.  The problem with the online retailers is this is where they stopped. Their aviators glasses and sunglasses are, nearly without exception, made not from titanium but from heavy, clunky metal alloys.

I’ve scoured the online sources and there are merely two pairs of titanium aviators available. This compares to more than 30 aviators made from heavier, cheaper alloys. Color selection is also extremely limited. My findings follow:

Large titanium aviators
Titanium aviators at GlassesUSA - This pair is a large, traditional aviator. It runs about a hundred bucks typically configured, including lenses
Smaller aviator at EBD. About 30% smaller than the frame above.



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