The Wallstreet Journal on internet eyewear stores

Even though this article is from way back in 2005, I just tracked it down today. Its primary focus is on designer online retailers that offer true apples-to-apples with what you’ll find in your local optometrist (hint: check for the serial number on your frames and do a search at bestbuyeyeglass). One point I found interesting from the article is these sites’ unique ability to serve Americans living abroad who simply don’t have access to an American optometrist.

Brick-and-Mortar optometrists have a problem: the rise of Web sites that sell eyewear at a steep discount.

A dozen or so Web-only companies including and now offer thousands of designer frames at prices as much as $75 less than conventional optometrists. While data on this still small sector are sparse, the sites say sales of eyeglasses online have grown steadily over the past few years…

continue reading the article publishedin the Wall Street Journal (direct PDF link)

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