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Warby Parker’s home-try on is the best thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life

Sometimes I just have to see them. Often a pair of glasses looks great on the shelf but when I try it on, it just isn’t right. Maybe my eyes are only looking out the very top of the lens and the rest is wasted space. Maybe my face is too fat. Usually when something looks bad, I know right away. Sometimes it takes a little while to figure out if something looks good.

I remember a few years ago (2010?) when eyebuydirect introduced their “virtual try on” feature. It was, and remains, somewhat pathetic. You upload a dead head-on picture of yourself and then choose the frame. You then have to sort of size the frame to get it to fit on your virtual face. It is a cumbersome process and barely enlightening.

So anyhow, wih this deal, Warby is saying they’ll send you five frames, you can keep them for five days, and then you send them back. Everything to this point is free. You can then decide to buy one of the frames and customize it with your prescription.

It’s a great deal. If you use the link on the right of the page, I’ll get a small commission. Feel free to find that link and click it if you want to support GBG.