Sunglasses – cool. No doubt.

It almost goes without saying: sunglasses are cool.  With sunglasses, you’re aloof, mysterious, hip, whatever.

Of course, most of us with regular eyeglasses have lived with the one
type of sunglasses that are decidedly uncool: the clip on (although
some new magnetic clip-on models are breaking that association).  How
could the clip on become popular?  Well, the sun is bright, and
standalone  prescription sunglasses are too expensive.  Today things have changed,
for $20 to $40 you can get a nice pair of house-branded prescription
sunglasses from the likes of GlassesUSA ,,

or the discounted designer (prada, shuron, et al) prescription and non-prescription styles at BestBuyEyeglasses.

Vanessa Brown at Nottingham Trent University is researching why sunglasses are just so darn cool.

There can’t be many connections between Lady Gaga, Andy Warhol, the cows on yoghurt adverts and Father Christmas. But here’s one: they’ve all been spotted wearing sunglasses and analysed by Vanessa Brown, senior lecturer in design and visual culture at Nottingham Trent University, as part of her theory into the “coolness” of shades and why we wear them. It’s not, she can report, just to keep the sun out of our eyes.

Read on at the Guardian

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