Retailer Review: Safety Glasses USA

Safety Reading Glasses with Bifocals. From $7.15

Don’t poke your eye out! Ensuring that never happens seems to be the mission of Safety Glasses USA. Every pair of eyewear available serves one purpose: to protect your eyes. This isn’t about seeing, prescriptions, or anything of that nature. It’s all about keeping those precious little eyeballs inside your head. Simply the range of safety glasses available at the site is astounding. Here is a short list of some of the safety eyewear they specialize in: Anti-Fog, Bifocal & Reading, CE Certified – Europe, CSA Certified – Canada, Driving Glasses, Economy Safety Glasses, Fit Over Rx, and Imprinting Safety Glasses.

That’s far less than half of the product categories on their website. And then if, for example, you click on sports eyewear, you’ll see they have safety eyewear for every sport around, even fishing and field hockey.

Flight Deck Military Goggles. $50.

Safety Glasses USA has protective goggles for people working in manufacturing or construction, they have goggles for skiiers, they have shooting glasses, welding goggles, military-approved goggles and eyewear, I could go on–honestly they have everything–to the point of almost being comical.

A fair chunk of their business involves bulk orders. It is a great website if you are looking for employee goggles or eye-protecting helmets for an entire softball, baseball, or hockey team. Need anti-fog goggles or some other esoteric eyewear? This is your place.

Yellow Over-Glasses Goggles. From $8.50

Prices range dramatically. Simple goggles start at $2-$5, while brand-name special use glasses and sunglasses range beyond $100. They do not fill prescriptions (that is, you can’t get rx prescription goggles here), but they do provide lenses that can given a prescription by your local optometrist and then fitted directly into a given product.

Do any of my readers use any of this exotic eyewear on a regular basis? I’m extremely curious to hear about people’s experience with, or the importance of, say, non-fogging shooting glasses. Honestly, I have no idea. I can, of course, understand regular safety goggles, and those that fit over my glasses would be useful for woodworking and the like.

Based on the sheer range of and specificality of many of their products, I give Safety Glasses USA a rating of, “Who knew?”

Retailer Link: Safety Glasses USA

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