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The first in a series of reviews I’ll be doing is for the online retailer EyeBuyDirect’s website is very easy to navigate and, for the most part, a pleasure to use. Their product offering is strong, with well over 100 frames to choose from–in fact, five new frames are added each Monday. Perhaps my favorite feature on the website is the “virtual try-on” (I talk about and try that service in this earlier posting) service. Using this service, you can upload a self-portrait and then place images of some available frames over your face. While the service isn’t perfect, it will give you a good idea of whether or not a particular frame works with your face shape. Like most retailers, EyeBuyDirect offers Plastic, Metal, Titanium, and Rimless Frames. They also have several unique offerings, such as prescription sport goggles (“RecSpecs”) and “Grandma and Grandpa” glasses. EyeBuyDirect is also one of a few online retailers offering discount designer frames. First, the plastic frames. These range in price from $14.95 – $29.95, including a basic prescription and an anti-scratch lens coating. The least expensive plastic frame is the “Patch” model while the“Trader” model is one of several at the $29.95 price point. With a total of 33 frames, the retailer’s selection in this category is admirable.

Next are the metal frames. This basically means stainless steel. There are only a few offerings in this category and they are basic, if a little bland. The price range in this category is narrow, from $14.95-$17.95. The “Scent” frame is an example of a frame at the lower price point and the “Sting” is an example of a frame at the higher price. Third, and this is the category from which I suspect most will order, are the titanium frames. Twenty frames are offered within the $34.95-$39.95 price range. Oval, rectangle, squarish, and half-rimmed versions are available in gold, silver, black, and even pink! I’m a fan of the “Shore” frame, which looks just like the glasses I am wearing right now. also has a separate “rimless” category. Honestly, these probably belong in the titanium category because each frame has titanium bows (the part from the lens to the ear). Each of the thirteen rimless frames are $49.95. The black “Hyde” frame is your basic rimless. It is a distinguished look and similar to what Stephen Colbert wears. For those looking for more fashion-forward frames, EyeBuyDirect offers 80 fashion frames priced at $39.95 or $49.95 and 40 designer frames, which are priced at $79.95 or $99.95. In the fashion category, I really like the “Kitsch” frame. I’m not crazy about any of their designer looks, but this Christian Dior Frame would look really great on the ladies. Other designer names to choose from are Morgan, DKNY, Calvin Klein, Gant, and Dolce and Gabana.

Another available product category I’ll touch on briefly are the Flexlite Frames. There isn’t much to say, really. The styling is similar to the metal or titanium frames. The price point is in-between the two at $29.95. Flexlite is a combination metal made of stainless steel and titanium. The most unique offering are the sport eyewear. These specs are great prescription goggles or glasses for skiing, cycling, and, well, sports. They also work great as outdoor safety goggles. The look is rather stylish and the pricing great at just under $50. Finally, let’s talk pricing. The prices I mention above are for frames and a basic lens with an anti-scratch coating. The standard laundry-list of options are available, including anti-reflective coating (+ $4.95), UV protective coating (+ $4.95), Brown/Green/Gray color tint (+ $4.95), and photo-chromatic “transition” lenses (+ $35.95). Other available lens upgrades include thin and light ($25) or super-thin lenses($42). Bifocals ($19) and progressive, line-free, bifocals ($39) are also available.

So how much will you spend? Of course, it depends. If you are looking for a daily-wearer, you’ll probably want titanium or a lightweight plastic. You’ll want all the coatings and probably the medium-thickness lens. That combination is what I wear every day. So we’re looking at $37 in upgrades. Therefore, if you go for an average titanium frame, your out the door price is about $75. Of course, if you are on a tight budget, you can bring your out-the-door price to as low as $15 for a basic metal or plastic frame with no lens upgrades (use the coupon below for Free Shipping). In fact, I went this route for my prescription sunglasses. I chose a basic aviator frame with no lens upgrades other than the free anti-scratch coating and an 80% gray tint. Out-the-door, a nice pair of prescription aviator sunglasses for right around $25. Overall, EyeBuyDirect has a very competitive product offering. They aren’t part of a race-to-the-bottom in terms of pricing, but instead offer a good product at a very good price and many value-added services, such as the virtual try-on application.
Coupons: Available coupons for EyeBuyDirect are as follows: 5% Off: “EyeBuyPromo” Free Shipping: “EyeBuyFreeShipping” Free Gift: “EyeBuyGift” (As always, don’t include the “) Direct Link to the [Technorati Tags: , ]

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  1. I have yet to have an issue with them. I ordered my glasses and I think it took about 6 days to process, then another 3 to ship. I didn’t wait as long as I had before with other online glasses retailers. I’m also overall happy with the quality. I may have gotten pretty lucky. I just ordered another pair for my hubby using IFP95AMC6Q for %15 off

  2. Thanks for the comments! I should update this post with some more up-to-date information. The landscape has become more competitive since I posted this and eyebuydirect and other retailers have definitely upped their game.

    The 140mm issue is a problem for many men. Temple length really should be an option like everything else.

  3. I purchased from EyeBuyDirect and had a good experience. My glasses took 11 days to arrive, which isn’t too bad. They notified me when they were shipped, but didn’t send a tracking number, which their site cleary said they wouldn’t do if I chose the cheapest shipping.

    They are now offering frames for as low as $7.95 with CR39 lenses. I bought one of their semi-rimless $7.95 frames with CR39 lenses and all the coatings and it came to $22.42 including shipping because they were offering 20% off on men’s glasses that day. The glasses are well made, the prescription is right, and the coatings are there. I bought these as a backup frame just in case my other 2 pairs of online glasses break, but I do wear them sometimes if the mood strikes me.

    I also liked the cleaning cloth and the clear, magnetic latch, clamshell case. It isn’t spring loaded, but with the spring loaded cases, the springs seem to go bad after a while. They also gave me coupons for 5% off to refer others, but I usually find better discounts by using a search engine.

    My only complaint about them is like many men, I need 140mm temples and I had a hard time finding a frame I liked with my measurements. The frame I bought was 135mm and although it works fine, 140mm would have been better.

    I recommend them if you can find a frame in your sizing.

    John Drake

  4. I also placed an order for glasses with My order was placed on 3.21.2010 and I still have not received my glasses. I called today to inquire as to where my order was and was simply given a tracking number for USPS. I checked USPS and saw that they had shipped my order to themselves apparently…. as the status was “Delivered” and the tracking information indicated that my order never left Ontario CA. I emailed the customer service and received an email back stating that my package had been returned “Undelieverable” and that I had entered an incorrect address.. funny the address the emailed me back with was indeed correct but the USPS tracking does not indicate even having reached my state! I replied back with a family members mailing address and also copied the USPS tracking into the reply and highlighted the information that was contradictory to what they were telling me.

    I will not ever order glasses from this company again. This is ridiculous!

  5. I also placed an order for two eyeglasses at Fourteen days passed and my order is still being “processed”. Tracking the order only results in a message “Your order has been well received and is currently being processed by our lab.” Their website promises 14 days or sooner. Do not even think about using expedited shipping because their processing time doesn’t get any faster and you’ll just end up paying more.

  6. Based on this review, I ordered glasses from I have to say I have a different take on them, but this could still change…

    I haven’t received the glasses yet, and it’s 10 days after I placed the order. This has been a frustrating experience in several ways.

    1. A day after placing the order, they put my order on hold because my ‘prescription was wrong.’ It is unusual, but it was not wrong. I emailed and called to confirm for 4 days before they took the hold off my order.

    2. I called today to see what the status of the order is, 10 days after placing it. They have not started working on it. I was told that it would ship ‘sometime next week’. To make it within 14 days, it would have to arrive *this* saturday. Shipping next week will make it something like 20 days.

    3. They guarantee delivery in 10-14 days. I asked what this means in terms of their doing a late delivery. I was told that I could return them for a full refund. Huh? That’s a satisfaction guarantee, not an on-time guarantee.

    4. I asked if the operator could speak with someone re: getting this done sooner, within their stated timeframe. The most she could do, she said, was put a note on my order. I can’t imagine that the workers actually read through all the notes, routinely, just in case. In the meantime, I could hear, on the phone, people working all around her.

    After all this, I certainly hope the glasses are phenomenal. If not, not only are they getting them back, but I would expect compensation for this shoddy behaviour.

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