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The 3M Micro-fiber Lens Cloth. $4.95

A couple weeks ago, I said “don’t use your shirttail to clean your glasses,” but then went ahead and admitted I do just that all the time. Well, no more! I started carrying around a soft microfiber cloth in either my back pocket or inside of my wallet. I have been amazed how easily it removes the eyelid oil that accumulates in the upper inside area of the lenses, near the nose pads. Basically, I can clean my classes faster than ever and find no need whatsoever for wetting the lenses and then wiping with something else.

So, the soft cloth is the ultimate way to clean a pair of glasses. If you have a lens coating (UV coating, anti-reflective, etc.) on your glasses, NEVER use a product with ammonia, including windex. This will cause havoc to your lens. All of the major online merchants include a soft cloth, the kind I described above, with ever pair of glasses purchased. Very handy.

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  1. This is good advice. Sorry about the mention of LensCrafters (yeah, I’m a hater). Oh, and the microfiber cloth in itself seems to be enough–I haven’t seen a need for using other cleaners.

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