Lensway: A new retailer combining style and price

I’ll give you a little insight into the world of product-related blogging. I get a lot of emails from people wanting to pitch their product or company. Most do so politely in a private email. Some spam up the comments. Nine times out of ten I say no. Well, more like 99 out of a 100. But 90 of those are companies selling male enhancement pills. The other nine are legit companies offering quality products but I feel they just don’t fit in with what we do here at getbetterglasses.

And that one out of a hundred is a good company offering a nice, relevant product. The last new company I mentioned was glassesusa (click to see my glassesusa post). That was more than a year ago. I’m still loving their glasses and still wear them every day, by the way.

So here is today’s company: lensway.com. They sell deeply discounted designer glasses as well as some very cheap house brand glasses. Until now, I have seen companies offer either very inexpensive own-brand eyewear – ala eyebuydirect, 39dollarglasses or much more-expensive (but still nicely discounted) designer eyewear like bestbuyeyeglasses. glassesusa caught my eye with their more mid-range self-branded glasses. Lensway is catching my eye because they are the only retailer i’ve seen combining designer and mid-range generic eyeglasses. Prices start at about $35 (realistically $65 with thinner lenses and all the coatings) but range all the way up to several hundred for a fly pair of Gucci. They have mid-range designers like Oakley as well.

Since they are the new kid on the block, they’re offering a generous 25% discount. This offer will be around until the end of the month. I don’t know if it will get extended or not.

Click this link to go to lensway.com and use the coupon code LENSWAYNEW

Please report back and comment with your experience if you end up ordering from them.

One thought on “Lensway: A new retailer combining style and price”

  1. I ordered from LensWay less than a month ago. Their website was very easy to use and offers a lot of search criteria to narrow down the choices of eyeglass frames: size, shape, color, brand, price, etc. I also found their prices very good! LensWay offered some designer name frames I saw on other retailer sites, but LensWay’s prices where at least $100.00 less! Entering my script and choosing lenses and coatings was also very easy.

    I purchased Lucky Brand Maude in Cranberry Brown. Although I have a fairly high script (I usually get high-index 1.67 lenses) I opted to go for the basic lenses LensWay offered at only $9.95. Anti-glare, anti-scratch, and UV protection coatings are included for free. What I wasn’t in love with was the fact I was charged for shipping AND a separate handling/insurance charge, which together was about $10.00. Not a huge deal, but why are those separate?

    My glasses came in just under a week from the day I ordered! Crazy fast. They’re beautiful. The lenses are cut very well and are clean, crisp, and scratch free. Since I opted for basic lenses, I was pleasantly surprised the lenses did not stick out of the frame, nor were they heavy. The script is right on, and I can see perfectly out of them.

    Also included in the box was a hard-shell case, a soft drawstring case, a microfiber cleaning cloth and metal eyeglass screwdriver/keychain. Hooray for freebies!

    Great prices, great selection, fast delivery, nice freebies… I have no negative things to say about LensWay! These are my new favorite glasses! Highly recommend!

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