Kids’ eyeglasses

Broken glasses

Here is a shocker: children will break their glasses. It is mostly a matter of time. What happens when your little one comes home with his expensive eyeglasses in two or three pieces? If you get a sinking feeling in your stomach about having to shell out $200 for another pair that will probably end up the same way, consider what online eyewear stores have to offer.

If you buy your child glasses online, you can buy a pair and one or two backups for the same or less than you would spend at wal-mart. If you have a prescription that is less than a year old, you’ll simply provide that information to the website and you’ll have the new glasses in a few weeks. If you don’t have a prescription, it is time to visit the optometrist for a new one. Just pay for the eye exam and ask for the prescription when you leave. They will try to sell you glasses, but just say no thank you. Eye doctors are required by law to provide the prescription, but it might not hurt to ask beforehand so you don’t end up with some kind of confrontation.

So how much will you save? Decent quality kids’ glasses online will cost between $40 and $70 including a single vision (standard) lens. If your child wears bifocals, the costs will be somewhat higher.

Not all online retailers have kids glasses. I’d recommend checking out the selection at To see the choices in kids glasses, mouse over “Shop Eyeglasses” and choose “kids eyeglasses” from the drop-down menu. Like the name suggests, most of their glasses are $39 including UV and anti-scratch coatings. If you click the url above or the small graphic link below AND USE THE CODE “10YEARS”, you’ll get a 10% discount.

Hottest Style Glasses, Frame AND Lenses, for $39!!

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