I’m canning Goggles4u.com

Since I began this site almost three years ago, I have learned a lot about the different retailers. I am indebted to my readers who submit comments or emails with their experiences. After too many negative reviews about the product from Goggles4U, I am officially canning them from my link list and not recommending your glasses online from them. Therefore, with this post, I hereby, henceforth, and thusly suggest that you buy your eyewear from a retailer that is not this one.

The comments I receive about Goggles4U are that they provide, plain and simply, cheap glasses inferior to what you can buy either at a B&M store or from some of the bigger names online. Since the name of my website is getBETTERglasses.com NO getCHEAPERglasses.com, I just can’t recommend these guys anymore.

I ordered my glasses with photochromic coating, and they arrived without it. The company processed a refund since I decided I didn’t want it. In the last two months, the glasses have randomly started to turn gray, and not completely across the entire lens. There is also a foggy spot in the center of each lens. The company refuses to replace the lenses, and is even asking me to pay them for the coating since it’s on there now. I won’t order from them again.

for source and more reviews click here

I like your website a lot, but I was pretty surprised when I saw your recommended top vendors?

I have only used two vendors for glasses,the first being Goggles4U, and I had a really bad experience. I thought the glasses looked cheap, and not nearly the quality I was looking for….

I would not recommend Goggles4U — I ordered a pair of glasses from them and they were ground to the wrong prescription such that I got dizzy. I informed them and they replaced the glasses — with another pair with the wrong prescription that gave me a headache…. (click for more, source: glassyeyes reader)

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  1. Wow, that is effectively a 35% DOA rate. I knew it was bad with them, but I didn’t know it was THAT bad. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  2. Do NOT use goggles4u, I purchased close to 20 pairs of glasses from them over a total of 5 orders. When I received them and tested them about 7 pairs were unusable right away.

    Being plus strength reading glasses of low prescription there is no excuse to get these wrong. I worked out they their staff assembled the lenses with the focal points out of vertical alignment, so the glasses worked fine if you tilted them 40 degrees to the left of right. Other pairs just plain gave me a headache and couldn’t wear them for more than 2 minutes.

    I got a refund for a couple of pairs with obvious alignment problems via photograph and the others I can’t prove without an optometrists inspection – no optometrist is going to provide such a free service, so goggles4u win, with many customers unable to prove the prescription wrong. They kept asking for my prescription, which doesn’t exist for simple reading glasses – they weren’t prisms, cylinders, bifocals or progressives, just simple reading glasses made to size. I had better quality reading glasses from the local $2 shop and corner pharmacy.

    Goggles4u claimed they quality checked the glasses, however I can see right away without any machinery the misalignment, I doubt they do ANY quality checks.

    How pathetic that a company responsible for people’s eye health is sending out such bad glasses and risking long term eye damage to customers.

    I really hope people avoid this company before they waste their money, the other 3 online retailers I tried (you can guess which) all produced perfectly crafted glasses for me.

  3. Just a wee bit on what happened to us and what I have splashed around on several review sites.

    My wife ordered 2 pairs of glasses,the wrong prescription was received.
    We escalated it through paypal, refund was refused, placed a claim and the seller contacted me after 9pm (11pm) uk time asking for dispute to be closed via paypal as it affects their liability, they are already liable as you sent the wrong prescription and if the dispute is closed I am no longer protected.
    Why have paypal buyer protection if the seller will not stand by their own refund policy?.
    I was told finance issue the refund and not the paypal account the sale was completed through, the rep said it is out of his hands now, sorry goggles4u I will be keeping the dispute open until this is resolved as the claim will be closed as soon as you refund me,paypal have the funds on hold until the claim is closed anyway so please do the decent thing as I want to buy my glasses elsewhere.
    The glasses were poorly packed in half a cardboard box when received from goggles4u and I will not be ordering from them again.

  4. Thanks for doing everyone a servie and canning goggles4u. They are thieves and liars. Too many people have gotten hurt. Just go with a real company who doesn’t make screwing people over a part of their business philosophy

  5. Good for you for listening to your audience and being humble enough to admit an error and make a change. So many people dash together websites with little thought to longevity or upkeep, particularly when it comes to ‘link swapping’ and the like. It’s refreshing to see that you are dedicated to your quest for quality!

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