How many pairs of glasses would you like?

This blogger is really digging her new glasses. Multiple pairs for multiple occasions. I dig. I also love the comments, particularly:

My eye doctor has used the same chart for so long, I have the letters memorized. Can never tell whether I’m reading them from memory or actual sight, but so far the prescriptions seem to work ok.

These would make me funky. From Goggles4U

I’d love to have three or four pairs. I think I’d do it like this:
1st: Professional workglasses (titanium barely-noticeable frame, have these)
2nd: Prescription sunglasses (aviators, have these)
3rd: Funky plastic frame
4th: Designer something-or-other

These designers would make me sophisticated. (It just takes new glasses, right?)

I only have the first of those two pairs, but with the wonders of buying glasses online, I hope to get the third and fourth pairs sometimes soon…and preferably for less than $150 combined (designer frames can run around $100 online).

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