How do you clean your specs?

Isn’t there some sort of saying about there being a thousand ways to sheer a sheep, or skin a cattle, or cluck a rooster. I can’t remember that saying. But there are probably that many ways to clean your eyeglasses. Ideally, you should use a soft, lint-free cloth and lens cleaning solution. But who has this stuff on hand? Okay, those who order their glasses from any of the online retailers listed on this page will at least have the soft, lint-free cloth. The lens spray you can buy about anywhere. Don’t use windex or ammonia or other household cleaners to clean your glasses, as those tend to rub dirt into the glasses and/or cause annoying streaks. Furthermore, abrasive cleaners can probably wreak havoc on any of the fancy coatings on your glasses.

I admit it, I use my shirttail about 95% of the time. This is a bad idea, because shirttails typically contain lint and dirt and abrasive qualities that can scratch your eyeglass lenses. Does anyone out there manage to actually clean their glasses per these recommendations? One small procedure that I manage to do consistently is to simply rinse my glasses before wiping them off. This washes any dust or debris off of the lenses, reducing the likelihood of these particles causing scratches. This concept reminds me of summer days spent in high school friends’ garages. On several occassion, said friend would have a father or uncle working on some ancient car. Frequently, this ancient car was covered in dust. I’d scribble "wash me" with my fingertip and the friend would flip out. "Don’t mess with the dust! You’ll scratch the finish of this priceless treasure!"

These lens cleaning cloths are pre-moistened and all you need to clean your glasses like a pro (yes, I am suggesting there are professional eyeglass cleaners). They also get the best reviews, with customers saying they are all they use for lenses with anti-reflective, anti-scratch, or UV coatings.

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  1. The 3M Micro-fiber Lens Cloth. $4.95
    A couple weeks ago, I said “don’t use your shirttail to clean your glasses,” but then went ahead and admitted I do just that all the time. Well, no more! I started carrying around a soft microfiber cloth in either

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