Great glasses for under $39

Prescription glasses, including lens and frame for less than $39?

The mission? A fully configured, daily pair of prescription glasses for less than $39. This isn’t fantasy, this is the world of online eyewear. A world free of brick and mortar overhead, free of monopolistic frame companies, and a world free of “industry norms” regarding price. I promise to dig up a number of extremely wearable glasses for less than $39, including shipping. I’m going to scour some of the top discount sites and show you what a measly $39 will buy.

Our first stop? The Sorrento Frame at 39DollarGlasses.  Shown in the picture below, it looks pretty good. A modern look, suitable for everyday wear and appropriate in any setting, from casual to business. For the basic configuration, which includes a thinner lens standard, you’ll pay $39 + $5 shipping.  Use the coupon code “Twitter” to save $12 (if this coupon doesn’t work, be sure to check for updated coupons on the right side of this page), bringing your price down to $32 including shipping.

Sorrento frame at
Sorrento frame at, known for being a low-cost leader, offers the rimless
frame 52627
(awesome name, huh?) for exactly $35 after shipping. If
there are coupons, you may be able to take $5 off that price. Again,
this frame is shown below. I chose the slightly thinner lens that
included the UV coating, anti-glare coating, anti-scratch coating. So
that is $35 for frame, lens, and all three optional coatings. Literally
less than the coast of the anti-glare coating alone at wal-mart. The
big “but” with Goggles4U is ongoing quality control issues. But hey,
the price is really really low.

$35, shipped from I think we’re going to have a hard time beating that. But we’ll try.

Rimless frame from Goggles4U
Rimless frame from Goggles4U


Next let’s check out The website says glasses start at $6.95. We can actually be a little fancy then and still come in under $40, including shipping (which costs $5.95). For $30.90, including shipping, you are a notch or two up from their cheapest frame. The totally decent “Joseph” frame is shown below. You can use the coupon “eyebuyfreeshipping” to get free shipping, knocking your order total down to $24.95 for a complete pair of glasses. Pretty sweet deal!

EyeBuyDirect frame @ $30.90 shipped
EyeBuyDirect frame @ $30.90 shipped

And it can get even cheaper. The totally adequate plastic women’s frame, “Akhtubinsk” is a scant $6.95, seriously. Shipping is another $5.95, bringing the total price to $12.90. At eyebuydirect, a thinner lens, anti-scratch and anti-glare coatings do cost extra.

This pair of glasses is less than $13, shipped
This pair of glasses is less than $13, shipped

So what is the final verdict? For finding a complete pair of glasses under $40, including shipping, EyeBuyDirect, Goggles4U, and 39DollarGlasses all come through.  At the $40 price point, you get the most lens coatings at Goggle4U, the thinnest lens at 39DollarGlasses, and the best selection within the price point at EyeBuyDirect.

If you’re like my wife and like glasses for fashion purposes only, any of the frames available above can be purchased without a prescription at the same cost.

So give it a try. It works. It’s cheap. Don’t know where to start? See my post, “From Square One: How to Buy your Next Pair of Glasses Online.”

8 thoughts on “Great glasses for under $39”

  1. I ordered from Eye Wear Magic too. My glasses are just perfect. It’s been two years and they still shine, I don’t even want to change them because I love them too much. My dad ordered progressives from them and they worked great too. I love this company dearly, I’m never ever going back to locals any more.

  2. Ordered from eyebuydirect, first they double billed me (that has been corrected). I need to return the glasses as they are not right, they will not return my emails.
    It has not been a very positive expierence for a first time onlne glasses purchaser

  3. Although the one from Optical4Less costs $37, it’s actually the best looking of them all. It’s worth the extra $2 (or even $11 if you base it on the price of the cheapest pair)

  4. The page you linked to is a nice basic, no frills site. The prices seem comparable to eyebuydirect and goggles4u. One nice thing about goggles4u (click here to go to their home page is everything is included at one price…$26 including shipping for glasses with the anti-scratch, UV, and anti-glare coatings. on the other hand, the web site is a bit confusing. the best way to get started is to just mouse over “prescription eyewear” near the top of the page and click “complete range.”

    I’ve been wanting a pair of transition sunglasses (that go from dark outside to light inside) for some time, and the above site has those for under $40, so I might pick up a pair soon.

  5. I’ve tried Zenni too, and was quite pleased with the product.

    I always thought of prescription glasses as this extremely expensive unavoidable purchase. Now buying glasses has become a pleasure!

  6. Regarding eyeglasses, I’ve bought my last 3 pairs from Zenni Optical and have been extremely pleased with them. No more spending nearly $300 for the same darn thing anywhere else. The frames are great. I don’t order much in the way of extras. Even got myself a pair of sunglasses, frames $8.95 a pair. And I do wear bifocals. Great service at Zenni, very professional and quick service.

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