— “We want to change the way Americans buy glasses.”

What are we getting when we buy glasses online? My experience has been that we spend less and receive a really decent pair of glasses. Sites like BestBuyEyeglasses give us top-quality designer glasses for 40% less than we would pay at the eyewear store. EyeBuyDirect
gives us really inexpensive glasses that do the trick.

Until now, I haven’t seen a company online offering a middle ground — glasses that aren’t as pricey as designer frames but not as inexpensive as those on EyeBuyDirect
seems to be taking on this market — reasonably priced, high quality frames. I had a chance to send a couple emails back and forth with their marketing director:

All of our glasses are manufactured according to US guidelines- we actually surpass US guidelines during our manufacturing process…we are a group of people who are fed up with high priced eyeglasses made horribly. You can go to Target and WalMart to buy a pair of frames and the glasses are just barely up to industry standards.

We want to change the way Americans buy glasses…I went to America’s Best to purchase my 2 frames for $69.95. I still have headaches when I wear those glasses. Yet, my glasses from GlassesUSA cause me no problems, no double vision- no headaches…I’m out to change. I believe in the company. Have you ever worked somewhere that you honestly believed in the work you do? That is how I feel about GlassesUSA. I love my job!

-Hillary Rubin, Creative Marketing Director,

Hillary said she would send me a pair of glasses for review. So I’ll let all of you know firsthand if they live up to the fairly high expectations I have for this company. Thus far, I am impressed with their product selection. A minor problem I have had at some of the online eyewear stores is a lack of selection of glasses with 140mm temples. The 135mm temples tend to be a bit short on my head. A minor issue, but something I have observed. For a gal, 135mm is fine, for most men, it tends to be a bit short.

The site has user reviews for many of their frames. I’m impressed with the “Columbus Black” rimless frames, these are pictured below. They have 2 4 star+ reviews and run $60 including a basic lens.

For women, the Hilarie Black reminds me of the glasses Tina Fey wears. $32 including a basic lens.

As a fairly new retailer,
has some decent promos going on. Use code: 2gusa15 for 15% off any two pairs. Use code GUSA10 for 10% off any order.

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One thought on “ — “We want to change the way Americans buy glasses.””

  1. Indeed, the prices are better when shopping online. Still, I am not a fan of this because I’d like to see what the sunglasses look like on me, first.

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