Glasses USA (.com): The maker of my everyday eyeglasses
One of the lesser-known companies out there, (click, new window)
claims to deliver a superior quality product at a reasonable (but not dirt cheap) price. I have been impressed with their communication and apparently high level of customer service, but never had experienced their product first-hand.

The folks at GlassesUSA were confident enough with their glasses to provide me with a free pair, knowing that I was in no way obligated to return the favor with a favorable review. I received the glasses several weeks ago and have, to better judge the product, worn them exclusively since. My vision is such that I wear glasses from the second I wake up in the morning until the minute I go to bed. I have strong astigmatism and wear single-vision glasses and don’t require bifocals or trifocals; I have a current prescription (less than 12 months old).

All right, to the brass tacks. The company representative asked me to choose a pair from their website. I quickly navigated the website (good layout, simple search feature) and found the right pair for me. Having wanted to try out rimless eyeglasses for some time, I chose the “Philadelphia” frame (a simple search will find it). I chose this frame because it looked like it had good proportions and it has a 140mm temple length. For whatever reason, many of the online eyewear stores force me into a 135mm temple length. In reality, 135mm is somewhat short on most men’s heads, including my average-sized gourd. It works, but 140mm is more comfortable, so I was pleased that GlassesUSA had several options with the 140mm temple. The price on this pair is $59.95 with no extras and not including shipping. Widely-available coupons knock the price down 10% or so or take care of the shipping. So the actual cost is right around $60 out the door. You also need to fax, scan, or key in your prescription information (make sure to see your optometrist for an updated prescription if you don’t have one already).

About two weeks went by, and the glasses arrived. Excited, I ripped open the envelope and checked out my new specs (all pictures at bottom of this post). I looked over the included case and lens cloth (an appreciated extra, but ultimately destined for my sock drawer) and then went straight to trying on the eyeglasses. I immediately noticed the prescription was dead-on. Great lens grinding with no odd effects at the peripheral vision (it has been commented that some of the cheaper online eyewear stores struggle to grind out a perfect and consistent lens), the frame seems of great quality, and the look and proportions of the eyeglasses are dead on. By all accounts, a very high quality pair of eyeglasses. Certainly there are no noticeable differences in quality between this pair and the pairs I’ve paid $300 or $400 for over the years (naturally, the $300 or $400 pairs were bought at brick and mortar stores, not over the internet). The quality is noticeably better than my $30 pair from zenni optical — specifically, the alloy frame seems immediately more dense and less fragile.

Two weeks later, I haven’t experienced any problems or noticed any manufacturing defects whatsoever. The glasses are comfortable, lightweight, and not leaving any pressure marks or sores around my ears or on the sides of my nose. I’ve actually received compliments on my eyes since wearing these glasses. Usually, I would receive comments on the glasses themselves when I would buy a new pair, but with a rimless pair, people seem to be noticing my eyes underneath! I don’t see switching back to one of my other pairs any time soon (other options include what’s left of my zenni optical pair (the nose paid mount broke off) and a nice-quality designer Izod frame (which retails for about $200 for the frame alone)).

So yes, the eyeglasses at are high quality and I would recommend them to anyone. What’s more, they are 50 to 70% cheaper than what you can buy from your optometrist. No, GlassesUSA isn’t as cheap as eyebuydirect, goggles4u, or some of the other china-based online eyewear companies, but the initial quality of product does seems superior. What was meant to be a sample pair has ended up as my 18-hour-a-day daily wearer. I’ll probably still go with the other guys for a dirt cheap pair of RX sunglasses, but I will definitely stick with GlassesUSA for my daily pair that will log the most use.

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Some current coupons (see right panel if these have expired)

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What comes in the mail (this is inside a non-pictured envelope)
The complete product — glasses, the nicest case I’ve seen, and a cleaning cloth.
Another view — I ordered the “Philadelphia” frame
Me, wearing the glasses.

6 thoughts on “Glasses USA (.com): The maker of my everyday eyeglasses”

  1. I recently gave GlassesUSA a try. I ordered one of their less expensive frames and got all of the coatings. The glasses took only 9 days to get here and were well made and the prescription is correct. My only complaint is the lenses were very dirty on arrival. I don’t just mean some dust, but they were also smudged and fingerprinted. I really had to use the cloth to get them clean. That kind of bothered me a little. In addition, they didn’t send me my shipping and tracking number until the day the glasses arrived. I’ve bought from EyeBuyDirect and 39dollarglasses and didn’t have these problems. In spite of these snags, I think I will give them another shot. I’m thinking of getting some photochromic lenses for when I work outside, and will consider GlassesUSA for them.

  2. I wonder if the rimless would work for me. I have a very strong rx. I think they might look too thick or something. What do you think? Those look very good on you.

  3. Well, I agree with you Amanda and not just because I run a blog about eyeglasses. I wore hard contacts for a number of years and soft contacts for a number of years. My eyes never felt ‘right’ and were quite dry and uncomfortable much of the time.

    So I’m back to glasses and couldn’t be happier.

  4. I used to wear contact lenses but they made my eyes really dry. If I’m at the beach, I get salt water in them plus the sand… it’s just not practical. I now use my transitions lenses when I’m out and about and my fashionable eyeglasses when I’m at work. I get a lot more compliments on my eyeglasses than I ever did wearing contact lenses.

  5. I’ve given up eye glasses in favor of contact lenses and I am very satisfied with my decision. I would recommend this to you as well.

  6. While stock eyewear frames will work for most people who need or want eyeglasses, personally, I want more. More colors, retro designs, or even just something extra special or that has meaning for me.

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