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Millions of people throughout the world cannot lead a normal life because they cannot see. Eye doctors and corrective lenses are distant and prohibitively expensive. People go through life not being able to read a chalkboard or perform community and household work regularly because they simply can’t see. A couple weeks back, I posted about a US-Based Charity for Vision.

Today I’m plugging the UK-based, Mission for Vision. Here is an example of a 2005 project:


Base Camp: Kabujogera 8 hours drive south west of Kampala close to Lake George.

Team: There were ten members comprising of 3 optometrists, 2 dispensing opticians, 2 structural engineers, a counsellor, a nurse and a teacher.

What was achieved: This time they linked in with two local ophthalmic nurses and were able to improve their effectiveness by supplying medication for eye disease to nearly 1000 people and Mission for Vision funded 60 cataract operations.

The team worked in two locations starting in the village of Mahyoro on the banks of Lake George and then Kabujogera.

During 6 days 2,300 were seen and 1400 were prescribed life changing glasses.

The work was carried out with the help of a large team from the local churches who supplied interpreters, cooks and drivers. Christian ministry was carried out during the eye care program.

Organizations like Mission for Vision help to restore my faith in humanity. Brits, I encourage you to donate cash or your old glasses to this fine organization.

US Citizens, don’t forgot to donate to New Eyes for the Needy if you are able.

We can all make a difference in the lives of people throughout the world.

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  1. News Post India passed along the following article about vision and happiness. It is a reminder of how crucial our vision is to our well-being. We shouldn’t forget how important it is to people from all walks of life, all around the world. Though this

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