Funky Shades

A blogger posts about (or promotes?)Funky Shades

File this under designer, not affordable eyewear. I’m curious to hear what my readers think about oversized fashion sunglasses like those pictured (over there, to the right)? These are by Karen Walker, a designer of some sort. I’m not sure where or if they are available. My blog has been mostly practical advice, and these glasses are anything but practical. To be clear, I’m defining practicality as a mix of functionality and affordability. By the way, what’s with the water running down the eyewear models’ faces? Click on the picture for a big version.

Another blogger finds an article that says, “Whoa, those cool oversized shades make driving dangerous.” Uh-oh!

3 thoughts on “Funky Shades”

  1. thanks for the comments. i never said they were not nice-looking glasses. and thanks for providing the pricing information, i am sure that some people will find that very useful.

    point number 5, about the tears of joy…that was funny

  2. i love the karen walker eyewear, only hard to get because they have sold out all around the world due to popluar demand. i think you are way off.

  3. Dear get Better Glasses,

    I have had the pleasure of surrounding myself with Karen Walker Sunglass and here are a few points you might want to include in your little article.

    1. Karen Walker is an Internationally renown Fashion Designer from New Zealand (some sort?)
    2. Karen Walker Eyewear is very affordable retailing at around US$100.00
    3. They are most certainly available around the world, infact if you get in now you may be able to grab one of the last pairs as they have sold out.
    4. I dont remember seeing anywhere in fine print on or around these glasses that they were practical. In saying that I think as long as they protect your eyes from the sun (in which case they do with the most premium lenses) we are all pretty safe to say these are practical sunglasses.
    5. That water running down their faces are actually tears, tears of joy because they are so happy about the sunglasses they are wearing.

    When creating a blog it’s always best to be most informed about the topic, otherwise you do come off looking uninformed, un-educated and mostly stupid.

    Thank you kindly

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