Five tips for healthy eyes

Do we take our sight for granted? Probably, but we Westerners (and humans, for that matter) tend to take pretty much everything for granted–our relative wealth, our family, our friends, our communities, and, yes, probably our sight. I suppose part of the human condition is focusing on overcoming what is wrong rather than enjoying what is right. Consider our evolution as a species. If we had been content with our nakedness and not focused on the twigs and branches bothering our reproductive organs, perhaps we would have never invented clothing. Had we been content with eating the marrow out of zebra bones in Africa, we would have never learned to hunt and cook. In today’s world, our evolutionary instincts seem to just get in the way…we have long since been provided with life’s necessities. In the spirit of enjoying our advancements as a species and taking some time to maintain what we already have, let’s look at five tips for maintaining healthy eyes and eyesight.

  1. Be aware of eye diseases and get regular eye exams
  2. Wear sunglasses
  3. Avoid eyestrain and fatigue
  4. Wear Safety Goggles
  5. Exercise, eat well & take herbs for vision

There we have it, some tips provided by (I figure the tips also apply to those readers of the fairer sex). Follow that link for excruciating detail on each of the five tips. Enjoy your eyes and the splendid cornucopia of color provided by our favorite organs.

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