First annual holiday give away!

This holiday season, as a way to say thank-you to my readers and visitors, one lucky reader will receive an $80 gift voucher to
. Maybe you’ve never before purchased prescription eyewear online or maybe you’re looking for an extra pair of specs or shades. So how do you win? Easy! Just leave a comment. The longest comment wins. Just kidding. But comments of only a few words or a single sentence won’t be entered in the drawing.

Your entry comment should be on the topic of vision or your experience purchasing prescription eyewear, whether in a traditional store or online. Tell us about your astigmatism or the time a fat kid sat on your brand new glasses. So long as your comment contains some original content, you’ll be entered to win an $80 gift voucher to

As always, you can read my story by checking out my first ever post, “Where it all began…”

The contest ends on Christmas day. I may extend the contest into January if I receive fewer than ten entries.

Happy holidays from!

3 thoughts on “First annual holiday give away!”

  1. I had a really bad experience at a local glasses store. They have a promotion where you buy 2 pairs of glasses for $79.92. As soon as the salespeople saw that I was only there for the cheap glasses, they dropped me like a hot potato and didn’t help me with anything. I have a large head and most glasses are not wide enough for me. I asked the salesperson if they could widen some glasses for me and she said “If we break them while we’re widening them, you still have to pay for them.” I got really mad and just bought the biggest frames that looked nice on me. To this day, I still have those glasses and I have imprints on the side of my head from them. I can’t wait to get a new prescription so I can start buying glasses online. I’ll be able to tell if the glasses are big enough by the measurements that are presented and I’ll have plenty of time to make a decision without feeling pressured to spend more than I have.

  2. Patrick,

    Thanks for the comment and first contest entry. I just wrote up a post about buying trifocals online. I hadn’t given it a whole lot of thought. The gist is that the discount shops do NOT do trifocals. Higher end designer shops (still online) offer trifocals, but they’ll run at least $180 fully outfitted. Anyhow, check out the post.

  3. Hey, thanks for the contest.
    I was blessed with perfect vision until my 45th birthday. But last year I got my first prescription. I couldn’t believe how pricey glasses were, but I bit the bullet and got a pair of trifocals.
    I am really happy to find your site. I may just cancel the vision insurance at my work as a result of this!
    Do any of the discount shops do trifocals?

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