Famous Glasses: Stephen Colbert

I find myself watching the Colbert Report more and more. My wife finds the Comedy Central show hilarious. I like to see her laugh. She loves the way he addresses the audience as “nation.”

Anyhow, when I watch the program I can’t help but notice his glasses. Or should I say, notice how I can hardly notice his glasses. Why? He chooses rimless frames. They provide a professional look–not a, “look at me, I’m professional” look, but rather reflect a sophisticated attitude of, “I want glasses that look nice, but I don’t need people noticing how nice my glasses look.”

His frames, shown in the picture here and on the right, have brown bows and a matching nose piece. They are rectangular yet generously rounded, making them appear as ovals if you squint a little.

Update 11/9/08:After some additional research, it appears Mr. Colbert wears the Kazuo Kawasaki 631 series frames. It seems that this series has been replaced by the 632 series. The Kawasakis run about $600 and are not available online, at least to the best of my knowledge.

Professional look glasses with a rimless frame
The new Pickering frame (link updated Feb 2012) combines the professional look of rimless glasses with very thin bows, giving a "barely there" effect.

If you want something a little–okay a lot–cheaper, you’ll find some good alternatives at the discount internet shops.

The glasses above (click the picture or here to go to the product page) are a close match to Mr. Colbert’s frames. This is an ultra-lightweight and fairly delicate pair of glasses – better for the businessman than the mechanic.

I particularly recommend these frames if you plan on running for the President of the United States. Apparently, Colbert is even helping South Carolina Schools

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