Eyewear Trends: Aviator Sunglasses

Maverick (Tom Cruise) and his famous aviator sunglasses.


“Everything that was old is new again.” So it goes with Aviator Sunglasses. Though edging up in popularity since 2003 or 2004, 2007 really is the year of the Aviators. The trend is towards larger aviators with thin silver metal frames.

Personally, I love aviator sunglasses and think everyone should have a pair. They are great for driving and provide an enormous field of vision. I actually used to buy aviators that were so large they would fit over my regular glasses. Thanks to the wondrous ability to buy Rx glasses online, I have since been able to get my own prescription aviator sunglasses for under $30, including shipping.

Before I describe the prescription options available, maybe you’re lucky enough to not wear prescription glasses. You’ll find the best price on the gold-standard of aviators, Ray Ban, at bestbuyeyeglasses. Most are under $120.

designer rx aviator glasses for $100
$100: The designer Eye Q Aviator @ Lensway.com

For those like me needing some RX aviators, if you’re looking for something higher-end, consider these designer Eye Q Aviator’s over at lensway. They’ll cost you about $100 fully configured with a dark sunglasses tent, a medium lightweight lens and all the anti-scratch coatings, and you’ll get a longer more comfortable temple and a lighter frame compared with the store-branded aviators from eyebuydirect. With the coupon LENSWAYNEW, new customers get 25% off.

very cheap prescription aviators
A steal at $30: The Abdulino @ Eyebuydirect

For something a little lighter on your wallet, check out the Abdulino frame from EyeBuyDirect.com as an example. Fully configured with an 80% grey tint (the tint is $5 extra), it costs just $29.95. Use the coupon “eyebuy10” for 10% off and you are looking at a great pair of rx aviators for around $30 shipped.



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  1. I’ve written about the rebirth of the aviator sunglasses from the 80s. Today, let us go even further back. How about the 50s? The retro look of thick-framed or half-framed plastic glasses is back. Retooled horned-rimmed looks of the past give your sty

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