Eyewear Trends and More for 2008

The Greenville News put together a nice little piece about some of the happenings in eyewear. When you’re shopping for 2008 eyewear, be sure to check out the retailers on the right of this page. I think you’ll find just what you need at a price far less than “$79 to $200 and up,” which is the price charged by the eyewear store manager being interviewed in the article below.

Frame designs are stylish, colorful and bold.

In the past, people looked at eyewear as more of a medical necessity, but now it’s touted as a fashion accessory, says Craig Hall, optician and store manager for Visionworks in Greenville, S.C.

Eyewear choices are more diverse than ever. Some customers have three or more pairs simply to coordinate with outfits, Hall says.

Eyewear is not only more fashionable but more affordable, with prices ranging from $79 to $200 and up. Hall says many designers also make generic brands so consumers can get stylish looks for less.

Trends differ when it comes to men’s and women’s styles, says Lisa Gear, director for product management for LensCrafters, the national eyeglass chain. “Overall, what’s really hot right now is color,” she says.

Multicolored frames are trendy. Popular hues include blues, greens, reds and pinks.

“For the women, it’s more on the front of the frame,” Gear says. “And for men, it’s kind of on the back of the frame – like a jazzy lining to a coat. So for a woman, the color might be a bright blue frame, and for a man, it might be a black frame with kind of a translucent blue on the backside that doesn’t really stand out as much.”

Other trends in eyewear include bolder shapes and frames made with a hybrid of materials.

“Men and women are tending to lean more toward plastic frames than they have in the past,” Gear says. “A plastic is a bolder look than a metal. … A metal frame kind of disappears a little bit. … Or you might have a plastic front or the temples might be metal or vice versa.”

Some frames also may boast a rhinestone or a designer’s logo on the side.

Designer glasses, in particular, are fun because of how closely they reflect the clothing and accessories, Gear says.

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Finally, a little advice for mixing eye color and frame color.

Color is everywhere on eyewear, Mango and eggplant, black and white, and black and red are popular pairings for 2008. Look also for orange and two-tone browns with some blue mixed in. And cranberry is in its fourth year of popularity, Dudas says.
Eye color can be enhanced by glasses, so here’s Dudas’ general guide to choosing an eye-popping frame color (without the benefit of considering skin color and tone): Brown eyes: blue, plum and cranberryGreen eyes: copper and greenBlue eyes: brown and plumHazel eyes: take your pick

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