Eyeglasses? $300 is too much!

From “Think Cheaply,” a consumer blog:

Stop spending $300 for eyeglasses, order online.

I was sitting with a friend at lunch the other day, he was talking about his new eyeglasses, and how they were way overpriced. He had paid $300 for eyeglasses at the local shopping mall, and felt like he had been ripped off.

Now, I thought I was a step above him. I would buy my eyeglasses at an discount optical store called America’s Best Contacts and Eyeglasses. When I was a kid, this was the place that my parents had dragged me to, and had me pick eyeglasses off the 49 dollar rack or whatever.

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His glasses look a whole lot like mine. No matter which site you choose for your eyewear, you’ll get a case and cleaning cloth similar to that shown above.

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