EyeBuyDirect’s semi-annual two-for-one sale (expired)

24 hours Buy One get one Free

It’s that time of year again. Each year,
holds a buy-one-get-one-free sale. It lasts for 24 hours and starts tomorrow. This is a great opportunity to get both prescription sunglasses and regular glasses, effectively for the price of only the more expensive of the two.

Don’t forget that you can choose any pair of regular eyeglasses and simply add a tint to make them sunglasses.
has a separate sunglasses section, but those are only the designer frames. Otherwise, choose a regular frame and alter the tint. I like my shades tinted 80% grey, but where I live the sun is very very bright. You might prefer a 60% tint if you aren’t skiing or on the beach.

My pick of the day? Check out
the “Exchange”
rimless titanium frame shown on the right. Just click on the image or the link above to go directly to that product page.

So happy shopping and enjoy the freebie! Remember the sale ends Monday at midnight.

One thought on “EyeBuyDirect’s semi-annual two-for-one sale (expired)”

  1. i like your website. do you have any information about glasses that don’t correct vision… but only exist for style? my eyes are fine but i think it would be fun to wear glasses once in a while. thanks.

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