EyeBuyDirect Introduces Social Eyewear Shopping (Press Release)

The online eyewear industry continues to evolve. It seems the EyeBuyDirect is really proving itself a leader in innovations in the US industry.

SAN JOSE, Calif. — EyeBuyDirect (http://www.eyebuydirect.com
), the Internet’s home of high-quality, fashionable prescription eyeglasses for about $20, announced today a new interactive feature that revolutionizes the way people can shop for the frames. Dubbed “The Wall of Frames”, the online social shopping site allows an individual to receive instant feedback prior to selecting their frames, making choosing eyeglasses online easier and more fun than ever before.

The Wall of Frames works together with the company’s exclusive EyeTry tool, which allows people to try on multiple pairs of eyeglasses virtually then send images to friends and family via email or by posting them publicly on the site. The Wall of Frames adds a Web 2.0 component by allowing EyeTry users to enlist the opinions of registered users from around the globe.

Eyeglasses are an outward reflection of the person behind them, therefore choosing a pair can feel overwhelming. With The Wall of Fame and Eye Try, people can take the time to enlist many opinions while also enjoy seeing themselves in a variety of looks onscreen prior to purchase.

“While choosing the right pair of glasses is a question of personal taste, the opinions of friends, family, and even strangers certainly can help make the final choice much easier,” said EyeBuyDirect CEO Roy Hessel. “The Web makes it possible to hear the opinions of the people we value most and the general public, which can feel much more genuine than the feedback of an in- store salesperson.”

Over the past year, websites like Kaboodle (http://www.kaboodle.com/), StyleHive (http://www.stylehive.com/) and ThisNext (http://www.thisnext.com/) have proven that social shopping is an idea that is catching on with consumers. EyeBuyDirect is one of the first online retailers to apply this concept to a single product, albeit a product that nearly 300 million people use worldwide.

“At EyeBuyDirect, we are always thinking about how to help our customers choose the glasses that suit them best,” said Sina Farzaneh, vice president of marketing for EyeBuyDirect. “By combining EyeTry and the Wall of Frames with a broad selection of great looking prescription frames for around $20, it’s an exciting time to buy a new pair of glasses.”

About EyeBuyDirect.com

Eye vision correction should not be a luxury available exclusively to those who can afford the expensive rates of the traditional eyewear market. EyeBuyDirect has transformed the market by cooperating with top industry manufacturers and opticians to design the world’s most cost-effective manufacturing process. We pass those savings on to our customers via an interactive online web store that sells complete prescription glasses starting at $14 per pair.

EyeBuyDirect.com is one of the largest online retailers of eyewear, delivering high-quality and fashionable eyeglasses to people around the globe who may have otherwise been unable to afford crystal clear vision. For more information or to browse our vast selection of frames, visit http://www.eyebuydirect.com.

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