Driving Glasses: Prescription Sunglasses for the Open Road

One place where I consistently where sunglasses is when I am driving. I used to buy large, cheap sunglasses from the gas station. Sunglasses so large I could actually wear them over my regular glasses. No more. Now my prescription aviators, which I bought for $30, are the only glasses I wear when I’m on the road. This looks a lot better than my two-pair system, is far more comfortable, and is probably safer.

Let’s look at some options for prescription driving sunglasses from EyeBuyDirect.com:


Above, the “Moritz” frame from EyeBuyDirect is a classic driving and sport frame. You’ll have full prescription sunglass cover in the entirety of your vision. Excellent peripheral coverage is a requirement for great driving glasses.

Above, the Carlton Frame (a ladies’ frame), would actually look pretty cute with an 80% grey tint (this option is available at checkout). This large frame provides a large field of vision and keeps that pesky sun out of your baby blues!


Finally, the Louis Eyeglasses Frame would again be a great driving pair if you put an 80% grey-tinted lens in. For both this and the Carlton Frame shown above, the look will be changed substantially with tented lenses.

Another option would be to spend an extra $20 on the transition coating…then you’d have sunglasses when you’re on the road that would automatically convert to regular shades when you’re picking up snacks at the 7-11.
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One thought on “Driving Glasses: Prescription Sunglasses for the Open Road”

  1. it’s a shame that the eyeglass industry wasn’t advanced (or affordable) enough until recently that someone would have to wear TWO pairs of glasses, one on top of the other!

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