Dig those Retro Eyeglasses (Shuron Frames)

I’ve written about the rebirth of the aviator sunglasses from the 80s. Today, let us go even further back. How about the 50s? The retro look of thick-framed or half-framed plastic glasses is back. Retooled horned-rimmed looks of the past give your style a flare you won’t find in any other pair of glasses. There is really only one name to know in designer retro eyewear — Shuron.

Shuron Nulady Glasses

Take the Shuron Nulady. Horn-rimmed awesomeness with floral accents. A great pair of retro glasses for women. FramesDirect.com has it for about half off of retail.

Shuron Sidewinder Glasses Frames

Here are some Drew Carey Glasses. A throwback to the big plastic frames of the past, the
Shuron Sidewinder (choose black) gives you a great look and a wide field of vision.

Bold Shuron frames
The Shuron Sportivo is just about the boldest pair of glasses I could find. Some might call them a little crazy, but they’ll just be jealous. I call them bold and trendy.

Check Framesdirect for these and more

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