Designer sunglasses for christmas – my official gift guide

Sunglasses are as crucial in the wintertime as they are in summertime.  Designer shades are a great gift and give you a chance to show her (or him) your style, good taste, and appreciation of quality.  Don’t cheap out and get a pair that look like they are from the gas station or you’ll find yourself cold and alone on Christmas night.  Stay warm, buy quality, and have a merry Christmas.

So my gift guide is extremely short.  Really, this is all you need.  Everything shown is from – or click the image to go directly to the product page.

Buy these for your girlfriend:

Versace women’s sunglasses. $140.

Or these for your boyfiend:

Diesel men’s sunglasses. $113.

There, that was easy.  I just saved you more than a hundred bucks compared to the mall.

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