Designer Eyeglass Frames

Several places online offer designer sunglasses or eyeglass frames from Prada, Christian Dior, Gucci, etc. for quite a bit less than retail. However, even half off retail is still a couple hundred dollars. If you are thinking of getting some designer eyeglasses, take a look at these options.

These Prada Frames (Model PR 05IV) look great and retail at $320 (not including lenses). They are available through the link above for “just” $190. Add lenses online and you’re looking at a couple hundred bucks. As in, that’s still a lot of money to throw around, but if you insist on a name like Prada, you might as well save $150.

The frame shown on the left costs $12.99 at Goggles4U not including lenses. I think they look pretty darn close to the Prada frames that cost more than ten-times as much. They are frame number 18600. Add lenses and you are spending well under $60. Certainly a reasonable alternative for those on a budget or just looking for something a little more practical.

The bottom line is this: designer frames are cheaper online, but those without that kind of money can still get a designer-esque frame for a fraction of the price of a designer frame.

If you’re looking for discount designer frames, FramesDirect is a good choice (click for pop-up of that site). If you’re not looking to go designer, but still want something that looks fashionable and/or edgy, check out the Fashion Eyeglasses over at I’m partial to the Avon Frame myself (click for a pop-up link). That frame comes in at $40, give or take.

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