Designer Eyeglass Frames without a Prescription

Believe it or not, there are people out there who are looking to recreate the joys of life with glasses–people who don’t actually need glasses but are looking for a nice frame with a non-prescription lens. In some situations, wearing eyeglasses is helpful: you can take them off quickly with one hand and then pose a dramatic, “I’m thinking about it” posture. You can push them up when you need a nervous gesture to take the edge off in social situations.

Plus, some eyewear just looks really good and makes a strong (or understated, depending on the frame) fashion statement.

Often, eyewear cannot be ordered without a prescription. The exception to this tends to be designer frames, which can often be ordered with a non-prescription lens. (click, opens in new window) offers Oakley Eyeglasses without prescription lenses (except for those frames that say “Rx Only”).

The Oakley Candidate 2.0 is a nice looking frame with or without a prescription.
The rimless Oakley softail gives a sophisticated, understated look.

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