Celebrity Glasses – Twitch of So You Think You Can Dance, Season 4

I know it isn’t 2008.  But I was reviewing the celebrity glasses-wearers that I have identified and noticed one glaring ommission.  Twitch.  Mr. Stephen “Twitch” Boss, the runner up from season four of So You Think You Can Dance, wore pretty fantastic oversized glasses nearly every episode.

Since his appearance on SYTYCD, he has tried a few different frames, all from squarely within the “large plastic” genre.  Twitch never wore glasses that contained any type of lens, prescription or otherwise.

Twitch's glasses
Twitch, while filming SYTYCD
Twitch with a more classically retro frame
Twitch with a more classically retro frame
SYTYCD's Twitch with glasses and a hat
Oh man, now I have to write a post about the hat

You can see his taste changed, or at least he could afford a few more frames after SYTYCD.  The “frame that started it all” was actually a cheap $25 pair you could get at ASOS – goes to show that style easily transcends price when you have good taste and the right attitude.

But most is not lost.  Both literal and general aesthetic translations of Twitch’s eyewear are easy to find online at a good price.  Here are a few:

Luxottica designer frame
Luxottica even puts out a decent frame from time to time.  Available in silver or brown, the 3514 frame has the same lines as what Twitch wore in the show.  Use a paint sharpie and maybe some white tape to stylize the frames a bit.  This frame is $69 and can be bought with or without lenses.

Shuron sportivo large plastic glasses

Shuron is king when it comes to quasi-retro styled frames, and this Sportivo frame is no exception.  Twitch never wore anything with soft corners like these have, but maybe he would have if the show was filmed in 2011.  This frame is $60 and can be bought with or without lenses.

Yoshi Ayaka designer frame
Finally, this Yoshi Ayaka frame is subtler than what Twitch wore, but I like the lines and it would make a great every-day frame.  The frame is only available with lenses although you can get clear no-prescription lenses and keep them or probably pop them out yourself.  Including basic RX or non-RX lenses, this frame is $79.   Also a good candidate to shade up into sunglasses for $19 more.


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