Celebrity Glasses: Meredith Vieira

She doesn’t wear glasses often, but when she does, she looks great! Stick with the glasses, Meredith!

From MSNBC online:

Question: I love the glasses Meredith was wearing on Monday. Would you mind sharing the designer? I have had trouble finding some I like. Monday was my birthday so this info can be your present!!!

Mary Ellis Gabriel
Lexington, South Carolina

Answer: In case you missed it on Monday, Meredith forgot her contact lenses at home on Monday, prompting her to unveil a new bespectacled look on the show. I talked to her afterwards, and she told me that her glasses are by Paul Smith. She was surprised to learn that Mr. Smith is a famed British fashion designer — she had no idea how fashionable she was!

Stunning D&G Eyeglasses. $127.

After doing some research, I learned that Paul Smith prescription glasses can only be purchased at B&M (Brick and Mortar) retailers. Does this make Meredith a fool for buying eyewear through a traditional retailer. No, it makes her rich! For the rest of us, who prefer paying well under retail for our RX glasses, we look online.  I’ll present two similar looks, one designer at a steep discount and the other a self-branded pair from eyebuydirect.

Huskvarna at Eyebuydirect. $19.95.

A similar designer look can be found in these absolutely beautiful genuine Dolce & Gabbana eyeglasses from bestbuyeyeglasses.  The frame is $127 (retail $210) and the lenses will run you about $100 more.

For a similar look at a deep discount, search no further than EyeBuyDirect.com . The model is "Huskvarna," and it sells for just $19.95, including a basic prescription. They are black/coffee tortoise shell, modern horn-rimmed glasses, very close to  the Paul Smith design worn by Meredith in the picture above. Click the picture or text to go straight to the product page.

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