Celebrity Glasses – Daniel Radcliffe of Harry Potter

Being Harry Potter is hard work.  Daniel Radcliffe went through 160 pairs of glasses over the course of filming the eight Harry Potter movies.  Lord Voldermort went through zero.  This is because Lord Voldemort had Lasik Surgery.  Obviously Potter’s aunt and uncle wouldn’t pay for such a frivolous procedure.

Glasses worn by Harry potter

To the point at hand, Radcliffe wears Savile Row “Warwick” glasses in the latest film.  Savile Row eyeglasses are manufactured by the Algha Group in England (their website, by the way, is beautiful).   Savile Row makes distinguished eyewear for all sorts of celebrities and royalty in England.  You can find a small selection of Savile Row frames at a downtown boutique, typically starting around $400 without any lenses.  Online you can find them for around $220 before lenses (link goes to Warwick frame at BestBuyEyeglasses.com).

Harry potter glasses worn by Daniel radcliffe
This beautiful Warick frame is made of 14k gold. $230.


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