Another Online Eyewear Success Story

I found this over at 43 Folders, referred from a post at Get Rich Slowly

It is a nice overview of the basics of buying eyewear online, particularly if your goal is to save a ton of money over the stores. I actually didn’t have as much data as he did when I ordered my first pair (frame measurements, etc.). I only had my basic prescription data, including PD. Everything turned out fine for me.

Adventures in $40 by Matt Haughey

Why Buy Online?
As a lifelong near-sighted person, prescription eyeglasses and especially prescription sunglasses have long commanded a high premium due to the seemingly precise and scarce nature of creating them. Until a few years ago, I only had two options for eyewear: my optometrist (here’s an employee admitting they pay less than ten bucks per pair) or a 1-hour place like Lenscrafters (which is part of a multinational monopoly). About ten years ago, when I was fresh out of college and scraping by month to month with my first real job, I broke my only glasses and had to pay $400 for an emergency pair (that were ugly and I hated and I wore for two more years before I paid off the old ones and could afford new ones). For far too long, glasses have been expensive.

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