An eHow HowTo: How to Buy Eyewear Online

Here is another article giving instructions as to how to buy eyeglasses online. The author has the general idea down and I also should emphasize the importance of having an update prescription. I should add to this that if you would like to measure temple length, etc, the best place to start is by measuring the glasses you already have. In my opinion, buying glasses online is a low-risk, high-reward venture. You may not feel 100% confident with what you order, but chances are it will work out well, and in the end you’ll have only spent $40 or $50 instead of $400 or $500.

Sometimes we are so busy in our lives that we don’t have time to fix dinner, let alone purchase new eyewear. The Internet has made it easier than ever to buy eyewear online with just your prescription and your personal taste.

Step One
Get a copy of your prescription. Before you buy eyewear online you must have your current prescription. Your optometrist will give you a copy of your most current prescription if you’ve had an exam in the past 12 months. Ask your optometrist to include the pupil distance or PD in your prescription. You’ll need this when ordering online.

Step Two
Know your face shape. (editor’s note: see my post, “Your Face Shape Matters”) Some eyewear looks better on a certain shape face and because you won’t be able to try on the eyewear, it’s important to know what will look good on you. Most online eyewear stores will have a chart explaining which glasses fit best on your face shape.

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Here is a great place to get started in your hunt for online eyewear (or check out the retailers list on the right side of this page):

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3 thoughts on “An eHow HowTo: How to Buy Eyewear Online”

  1. Jim,

    Thanks for the kind words. Congratulations on your new eyes! I have two brothers who have had great success with LASIK surgery. I remember it did take some time for their eyes to behave properly, but I’m sure your doctor told you all about that.

    I had a consultation for LASIK. Like you, the doctor said I would still need glasses for some tasks. I can’t imagine how liberating it must feel to be able to actually see the alarm clock when you first wake up in the morning!

    I’m glad you have found my site useful. Buying eyewear online seems to be gaining popularity from the grassroots level. I figure if it came at us through TV marketing or some similar medium, that the prices wouldn’t possibly be as good as they are. I go on at some length in this post about why Costco et al. aren’t really that cheap.

  2. Adam, I found your blog incredibly useful. Earlier this week I had LASIK surgery and monovision and I’m thinking that I’ll still need distance sunglasses for golf and maybe a pair of reading glasses for extended reading sessions. Your blog gives lots of useful tips on purchasing online at prices significantly below Costco, whom I thought had real bargains. Once my eyes settle down, I’ll get a new prescription and order up a couple of pair over the Internet.

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