Celebrity Glasses: Tina Fey

Tina Fey was instrumental in popularizing the female ‘geek chic’ look with her plastic-framed, horn-rimmed eyeglasses.

You can find glasses like Tina's online, for less
Tina Fey’s signature glasses

You’ll notice that she doesn’t necessarily wear the same glasses, but glasses of a similar theme: Plastic horn-rimmed-esque frames.

Want your own Tina Fey glasses? Well, first decide if you want designer, name brand glasses at a designer price or generic glasses at a hefty discount. Let’s look at designer glasses:

The Kate Spade “Lisette” is an attractive choice with a quite uncommon and modern interpretation of tortoise shell.  This designer frame is available for $185 (retails at $223) plus the price of lenses. Probably about $275 out the door, including lenses.

The Rampage R 120 is another choice that caught my eye with nearly spot-on styling.  This designer frame is a little less, just under $100 before lenses.  Should compare nicely with many frames in the $250+ range at the boutique.

Maybe you can’t afford a designer pair right now and just want to change your look without dropping so much coin?

Look no further than the “Vileyka” frame at EyeBuyDirect.com. It isn’t a name brand, but it carries a one year guarantee and includes a basic frame for free! Use the coupon code in the side bar and save a little bit more. You could have these to your door for $50!


Whatever you choose, “geek chic” Tina Fey glasses are only a few clicks away!

One thought on “Celebrity Glasses: Tina Fey”

  1. I got a great deal on my prescription in BeBe frames-probably saved about 100.00 + and the service was excellent.AnNd Tina Fey needs to own a bunch of different pairs because I do not understand why most eyeglass wearers think they should wear the same pair every day. Do you wear the same shoes every day?Check out simplyeyeglasses.com

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