Cyber Monday Deals on Eye Glasses

In a trend more than a decade old, fewer shoppers are in stores and more shoppers are interneting.

Here are some deals on prescription eyewear:

12 Days of Sales at Eyebuydirect — today it’s 15% off of anything. Tomorrow it will be something different.

Warby Parker doesn’t have a discount, but they are introducing the Ghostly Collection, a really freaking cool set of eyewear starting around $95 including prescription lenses.

If you’re after designer frames, FramesDirect is running a rare sale — up to $70 off frames and 30% off of lenses.

If you want to spend the least amount possible, check out the 55% off sale at GlassesUSA. You can get prescription glasses for under $30.

It’s a great day to buy glasses!

Trying Warby Parker

An image of a case with 5 pairs of glasses
Warby Parker’s Home-Try Program

I surprised myself because I actually loved every single pair I tried on. Who would have thought a bright blue frame would look good? Personally, I liked their “Finch” frames and “Lowry” sunglasses the most. Their over-sized qualities made my nose look thinner and smaller (always a plus) and were fun enough without distracting from the rest of my face.

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If you’re interested in Warby Parker’s glasses, the home-try on program gives you 5 pairs for 5 days at no cost.

Check out twitter #warbyhometryon to see lots of frames in action.


A picture of a girl wearing five pairs of glasses
@pialosophy_ wearing 5 pairs of glasses